New Series

Now available on eBook! My middle grade boy book series.

Theodore Evans receives a lamp from his Pop Chewy. But this isn’t just an ordinary lamp. It’s a magic lamp with a genie and Theodore’s ticket to making sure his father comes back from military duty safe and sound. The problem is…the genie is still young and inexperienced. And Theodore is getting more than he’s bargained.



Book Signing!

I will be having my First. Book. Signing. Ever.

November 9th from 12-3 at Talbott’s located on 66 Monroe Avenue Pittsford, NY 14534

I will be bringing books to sign and sell and you will get to meet the master behind The Miss-Adventures of Amy & Tracy series. I am also the author of Theodore Evans’ Big Time Wish Problem. I’ll be glad to answer any questions…even directions to locating the nearest restroom. I can also listen to endless amounts of knock knock jokes. So come hang with me and help make this book signing amazing!

Amy & Tracy Book 1 Is Now Available!

You can now purchase a copy for your Kindle and Nook (even though I, personally, only own the Kindle and Kindle Fire at this time). I’m very excited, as this is a project I’ve been working on for five years. I am now in the process of editing Book 2 in the series. Book 3 is partly through it’s first draft. I hope to have the next two books in the series published by this time next year (sooner if I can get my little behind in gear).

I’m very excited to call myself a published author! I’ve waited years for this moment. But I had to be sure I put out the best book I could possibly write. And I had a lot of eyes look it over and give me advice for improvement. I also believe in having any and all books edited for mistakes, so I chose my editor carefully. 🙂


A big thank you to all my friends who believed in me.

Upcoming Title from My Amy & Tracy Series

Soon to be released, the first book in The Miss-Adventures of Amy & Tracy series: Dr. Von Thistle’s Curious Concoction.


After Amy has a prophetic nightmare, she and her cousin Tracy hear drums in the distance. When charming scientist Dr. Von Thistle shows up at their mothers’ annual gala, the sudden ending of the pounding drums isn’t the only sign something’s amiss. He’s a little too interested in Amy’s and Tracy’s special skills and super intelligence. And there’s something sinister about that mystery potion he’s toting along in his trench coat pocket. The discovery of time portals complicates the situation, but the worst part is realizing Amy’s horrible nightmare is about to come true.

I will be releasing my book on, B&N’s Nook, and other venues. Stay tuned!