CreateSpace and Me

So I am now waiting for my CreateSpace book to be delivered to me so I can check it for errors. If you’d like to know how many hours I spent readying my book for this moment, all I can say is a heckuvalot. Weeks were spent trying to figure out how to get that pretty cover placed just right (it took me days just to realize they give authors templates. Yes! CreateSpace is AWESOME!), and there was a lot of back and forth trying to rectify the strangest of problems. (Why isn’t my name in the header any longer? Hey, how come my even pages aren’t numbered? Oh no…my Table of Contents has the wrong page numbers!)

Here’s what happens when you set your book up so that print copies can be made:

1) You must format your book correctly

2) You need to order an ISBN number (luckily, CreateSpace makes this very simple); you need to decide whether or not to own your own publishing label

3) You must have a cover made up, including the spine and the back (which needs a summary of the book and a space for the ISBN code)

4) You must figure out how many pages your book has, and then decide on how big (length x width) you wish the book to be.

5) You need to know if you prefer to pay for a wider distribution. Then you need to calculate your books cost.

6) You need to check and recheck the interior of your book for mistakes, then fix them. This takes a remarkably long time…in part because you have to wait for CreateSpace to accept the formatting.

I like a challenge, so despite chewing on my fingernails as I tried to figure out why something wasn’t working out the way I imagined it would (cue the rainbows and smiley faces), I slaved over this project…forgot important appointments (sorry floor inspector people!) and allowed the kids to play WAYYYYY too much Wii. But soon, yes soon, I will have the book that needs to be proofed in my anxious little hands. The fruits of my hard labor. I sure hope it will be worth it.